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” We never know which lives we influence, or when or why”.

Stephen King

Think of us as your Virtual Mentors, right by your side. This blog aims to support you in your journey of becoming master of your words and language. We are curious and excited to be a witness to your transformational process of learning and living. Take a stroll in the lanes of this blog from time to time and you will discover how beautiful and fulfiling learning can be.

Pashupatinath -A Poem

Creative writing entails a profound love and passion for life, coupled with a keen sense of observation. If you aspire to be a writer, you must share these twin loves. Here is one poem for you, birthed with labor of love and passion. PASHUPATINATH You hear those temple bells, Dancing in sync at Pashupatinath? Enchanting … Continue reading Pashupatinath -A Poem

4 smart ways to communicate effectively

Communication is an essential skill acquired through great practice and continuous learning. Take it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge reading material or practicing scripts that provide you new information. As students, always make it your intention to give in your best, as your active involvement is necessary. Utilize texts that best fit your … Continue reading 4 smart ways to communicate effectively

My Teacher, My Captain.

“Now in this class, you can either call me Mr Keating, or if you are slightly more daring, O captain, my captain”. Dead Poets Society Robert Williams, aka Mr Keating, an English teacher in the famous Hollywood piece, is a dream teacher of all students. It is his unbounded passion and unconditional love for his … Continue reading My Teacher, My Captain.


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