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” We never know which lives we influence, or when or why”.

Stephen King

Think of us as your Virtual Mentors, right by your side. This blog aims to support you in your journey of becoming master of your words and language. We are curious and excited to be a witness to your transformational process of learning and living. Take a stroll in the lanes of this blog from time to time and you will discover how beautiful and fulfiling learning can be.

The Stories that steal hearts

Booker Prize 2020 has been awarded to “a daring, frightening and life-changing novel”. For many, 2020 may be a wasted year. Indeed, the pandemic ushered sickness, deaths, lockdown, and a virtual shut down of the world. But, on a closer look, the year offers some remarkable instances of undeterred courage and endeavor of humans. The … Continue reading The Stories that steal hearts

Full Moon- A Poem

Full Moon The full moon peeping through my windowHas hundred stories to tell,Of the long distant loversWho thrive on the mercy ofMessenger or Insta stories,A virtual hug or telepathy; Or of the stars who Never believed in Their light and became glow worms, Or an account of years of survivalOf trust and friendship Amidst the black hole of vagaries of … Continue reading Full Moon- A Poem


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