Full Moon- A Poem

Full Moon

The full moon 
peeping through my window
Has hundred stories to tell,
Of the long distant lovers
Who thrive on the mercy of
Messenger or Insta stories,
A virtual hug or telepathy;

Or of the stars who 
Never believed in 
Their light 
and became glow worms,

Or an account of years of survival
Of trust and friendship 
Amidst the black hole of vagaries of time,

A narrative of separation 
And longing for love,
Lost in the icy cold winters
Touching the pine trees of success,
Forgetting to water the roots;

Or the wayward ways of a girl
Who counted the stars
To tell her man
How much she loved him.

The full moon 
Peeping through my window 
Has hundred stories to tell,
Which one should I listen to

Dr Sakshi Chanana

5 Methods to Increase Fluency in English Language

“Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say infinitely when you mean very; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.” 
― C.S. Lewis

In our previous blog, 4 smart ways to communicate effectively, we discussed primarily about the significance, challenges, competency, and the text that you choose you to read. Once you have the fundamentals aligned and are making progress with each passing day, you will come across different types of information. You will learn new words, phrases, and tackle sentences that may sound complex.

Let us discuss practical approaches by which you can overcome these hurdles and complexities enabling you to be fluent in English Communication.


Always remain focused on the text you read. It is therefore crucial for you to choose the text that you would like to read. There are various genres and writing styles.

Which one is your favorite, are you the type that delves into fiction, or are you inclined toward non-fiction? It is all a matter of choice.

Making an informed decision is best when you want to utilize your language skills and apply them to your daily activities and professional front. Always select materials that best suit your domain where they can be easily applied to your daily communication. Remain focused on that text and read between the lines.


It is a simple way of improving your spoken communication. When you practice and are thorough with the text you have read, you will be able to excel in pronunciation. Read texts aloud. It will enable you to identify gaps and identify areas where you find it difficult to communicate or express yourself. Practice words with repetition that will allow you to be clear.


Constructing phrases is one of the basics tools for effective communication. What are phrases? The basic definition of Phrases according to Word Web a leading digital dictionary is “an expression consisting of one or more words forming a grammatical constituent of a sentence”. Try and construct sentences that would best suit our everyday conversation, either at home or at the workplace.


This is a simple task but makes a big difference in improving your communication skills. Taking notes of what you read, certain words, terms, or sentences that will help you retain through note-taking. It is an effective method which will make you progress with time. Try and identify a text that expands your vocabulary and helps with your diction.


Describing your thoughts and putting them into words is, by far the easiest start that will enhance your communication skills. You will require descriptive skills to present yourself and become an able communicator. If you are a novice in the field, try to use everyday objects or surroundings and list them. Take a look around and test yourself. Are you able to describe NOUNS around you? Accurate descriptions including color, objects, places, or feelings such as emotion, thought process, and even sentiments will enable us to get a good grasp of the language in entirety. 

As the saying goes, ‘Practice makes the man perfect’. Keeping this in mind, you should challenge yourself daily, spend time reading, exercise patience, and continue learning. The results that will follow in the following weeks will leave you feeling amazed at how far you have come in a short span of time!

Pashupatinath -A Poem

Creative writing entails a profound love and passion for life, coupled with a keen sense of observation. If you aspire to be a writer, you must share these twin loves.

Here is one poem for you, birthed with labor of love and passion.


You hear those temple bells,

Dancing in sync at Pashupatinath?

Enchanting music that speaks

Of life , its frailty and yearning for more?

You see the loops of burning incense,

Forming clouds of hope and faith?

Scintillating Rows of Diyas-

Asking for joy, health , birth and love?

The eternal Bagmati meandering,

Whispering silently the futility and beauty of it all?

A mighty presence of Lord Shiva,

The mystic saints, sitting in Samadhi,

A thankful mother crying her heart out,

Young damsels praying for love,

Rudraaksh Mala and crystal strings-

Gazing in awed silence-

You sit on the vintage steps,

Overlooking the evening Aarti

and the final journeys-

Humbled in a fraction of a second,

You shut off the camera of your priced phone,

Knowing, witnessing

that you could never capture

the magnanimity of living, being and becoming

Using 12 Megapixels and f/1.8 aperture.

Dr Sakshi Chanana


4 smart ways to communicate effectively

Communication is an essential skill acquired through great practice and continuous learning. Take it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge reading material or practicing scripts that provide you new information. As students, always make it your intention to give in your best, as your active involvement is necessary. Utilize texts that best fit your personal and professional goals.

Following are some brief points on how you can communicate more effectively with the texts and scripts that you may read.

Making your learning relevant and significant – What you read daily from your textbooks should be relevantly sufficient for you to understand and expand your knowledge. Its significance lies in what you understand and its application in your life at some point of time. Most texts for e.g. a portion of history may not be relevant in our daily lives, but why is it there in the first place? Every passage or text that you read will be applicable to shape your thought and reasoning, providing you the tools for logic to encounter various stages in our life at some point of time. Making your readings significant is a key parameter for your future growth and success.

Challenge yourself – Try to read more content in the form of articles, stories, or your text books and find out what challenges you the most. Look into the sentence constructions, underline words that you do not understand and most importantly find the logic behind the entire construction.

Learn to be Competent – Always make sure that your reading material and content is constantly changing you for the better. The more you read, the more competent you become to survive in this world that is growing with competition every single day.

What you Read, is what you become – We all have choices, multiple and unlimited in the forms of books, magazines, newspapers, or even the blog that you are currently reading. You have made a definite choice and the words that you read constantly shape your brain which is reflected in your logic and reasoning. Read smart, be selective and of course while in school always read between the lines of your textbook.

Communication can be a challenge for many but along with practice and speaking exercises you may find considerable improvement with time. Make sure you practice what you read, try and use the words learnt.

Making a suitable glossary of words as a practice will help in the long run. Try and use different methods, always make notes, reread and rehearse phrases that you may find difficult.

Once you find the perfect text that fit your need, practice description. One of the easy ways to do it is to create conversations or a script. It will enable you to analyze lists of words that you may find difficult to enunciate, but there are tools available that will help you speak. Your first goal however is finding what is right for you that caters to your professional and personal interests which vary with individuals and expertise.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us start today!