Can you write your way to happiness?

Journaling Therapy- Write and talk yourself out of grief and trauma

For ages, writing has been eulogized as an aesthetic vocation of the select few. The writers have often been criticized and yet admired, for their existence within the ivory tower. As times continue to test one’s patience amid a raging pandemic, the role of writers and artists has become even more significant. The lines between normal and abnormal are becoming blurry and it is natural to feel alienated or aggrieved at times.

What if it was possible to handle the uncertainty, fears, unresolved emotions in a very simplistic manner? Journaling therapy or writing your thoughts and emotions could be a potent way to address and resolve the grief, trauma, or sadness that tend to infiltrate human life from time to time. Research has shown that writing about trauma, suffering, and unresolved emotions can be useful in resolving the negativity and a sense of unease. Some of the health benefits include a sense of poise, readiness to forgive, a calmer mind, and easing the emotional pressure. Writing enables people to reevaluate their experiences and offers fresh perspectives and new vantage points. It also significantly abates the stress levels of an individual.

Telling Stories is a significant aspect of Journaling therapy. When one learns to address and listen to their own and others’ stories about their life, the given situation, experience, person, or a memory, they acquire a clear and objective lens to look at them. The process of writing entails coming face to face with personal challenging events and acquiring the courage to process them in the right way. It also helps in creating more awareness and heart centric life, that could potentially be a great resource for mindful living. Isn’t it wonderful to realize that we have infinite possibilities of writing and talking ourselves out of grief, trauma, and suffering? All we need to do is to learn and follow practices in empathy, conscious writing, and a dose of courage to face and talk about our shadow side with ease and calm.

Let us bask in the knowledge that we can all create our magic world and need not be at the mercy of our unchecked and unresolved emotions! Are you willing to do it for the person in the mirror? Yes!

PS-If you would like to know more about Journaling Therapy or discuss it with like-minded people, you can enrol in our course ‘ Write your way to happiness’. You can reach out to us at or via our Insta handle @literaryaisle

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