Pashupatinath -A Poem

Creative writing entails a profound love and passion for life, coupled with a keen sense of observation. If you aspire to be a writer, you must share these twin loves.

Here is one poem for you, birthed with labor of love and passion.


You hear those temple bells,

Dancing in sync at Pashupatinath?

Enchanting music that speaks

Of life , its frailty and yearning for more?

You see the loops of burning incense,

Forming clouds of hope and faith?

Scintillating Rows of Diyas-

Asking for joy, health , birth and love?

The eternal Bagmati meandering,

Whispering silently the futility and beauty of it all?

A mighty presence of Lord Shiva,

The mystic saints, sitting in Samadhi,

A thankful mother crying her heart out,

Young damsels praying for love,

Rudraaksh Mala and crystal strings-

Gazing in awed silence-

You sit on the vintage steps,

Overlooking the evening Aarti

and the final journeys-

Humbled in a fraction of a second,

You shut off the camera of your priced phone,

Knowing, witnessing

that you could never capture

the magnanimity of living, being and becoming

Using 12 Megapixels and f/1.8 aperture.

Dr Sakshi Chanana


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