If Dreams had a price tag, what would you be willing to pay?

Hola Dreamer!

We know what brought you here, that single syllable word ‘Dreams’.

Welcome to the Club!

I have pondered over this question for a long time now. Do we really know ?What is the price you are willing to pay for your dreams? If someone were to tell you to close your eyes, take a magic wand and fulfil all your dreams, would you be happy? If some fairy or Angel crossed your way and promised you of eternal fulfilment of your desires in an instant, would it make you ecstatic? You may be tempted to say ‘Yes’!

However, this is farther from truth . The beauty of our dreams lies in the challenges along the way, the rugged terain and stormy skies. Their charm emanates from the far distant nature and seeming impossibility of achieving them. When you face obstacles in materialsing your dreams, you aspire to become better than who you are, you believe in a possible alternate version of yourself and create a vision for your life. The pain of discipline, anguish of sacrifice, sleepless nights, missed breakfast,FOMO (fear of missing out), peer pressure, and a constant risk of failure are an integral part of following your dreams. During my tenure as a Professor, I have met some amazing students.

Let me tell you a very short story about one of them. I met this girl years ago, in the clamorous halls of college, trying to make a sense of the world around her. She was plainly clad, with a tinge of nervousness but a sparkling shine in her eyes. At once, I could see that she was a dreamer. My first interaction with her came in the form of ‘Introduce yourself’. She spoke with all her strength, but fumbled a bit. I asked her to sit down as I discovered droplets of tears rolling down her cheeks. Later, I met her and she shared that she was tad nervous because she was not very confident about speaking in English, having studied in a Hindi medium schoool. We bonded over love for learning, a shared legacy of dreams and an incessant desire to make the world a better place. As I became her confidante, I assured her that in no time she would be able to overcome her challenges. She believed me, but more than that, she believed in herself and her dreams.

A warrior at heart, she gave everything to her learning, without being distracted by either the fashion or the latest trends of her time. She refused to spend on herself so that she could experience the joy of giving to her siblings. She stayed awake many nights in a row to compete with the modern world, which was adamant on showing that probably, she didn’t belong there. She did not give up. Fast-forward three years, I received a call.

The voice at the other end was bubbly, cheerful and confident. It was her. She shared with me that she was the first candidate to be selected in college placement and that she was greatly applauded for her communication skills. Today, she heads a department in one of the finest Indian companies and every time I see her, I am filled with pride and respect.

She is my student, she is my Hero.

Are you willing to pay the price for your dreams? Are you a Hero?

I bet you are!

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